For me, it’s difficult for Arp Attack to do anything wrong in my eyes & ears, they have a good collection of self penned pop songs and a consistently enjoyable and flamboyant live act. They can afford to go a bit off-road with the more obscure and diverse musical arrangements and still be an interesting foray with great music, somebody who works in an industry that claims to find new upcoming music should seek them out.

It’s the perfect little blend of summer melodies to soundtrack your next spelunking trip!

It’s pop at its most inventive and raucous and not a million miles from personal favourite AlunaGeorge, although where that is more DJ based, Arp Attack still retain that core feeling of a band sparring off each other, coolly and confidently.

Amnesty by ARP Attack was a popular choice this week….Arp Attack are a band on the fast track whose music has the happy knack of winning friends and allies on first hearing.
Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music

Arp Attack return with a new EP called Devil’s Drop. Recorded and produced in the bands own attic studio the EP finds the trio exploring the more quirky but still danceable regions of pop music. It’s not as instantly accessible as previous release Follow The Rhythm but give it two or three plays and its charms start to become apparent; it’s all jerky and rhythmic and not quite sure what’s coming next, like a death row inmate raving in the electric disco chair, readying themselves for the full voltage.
Breaking More Waves

Amazing live, and with an ever increasing bag of badass tunes, this lot have been combining all the best bits of rock guitar with the finest touches of electronic pop. We like to think that they’re like a magic, hangover free, vodka candyfloss that makes a party go from lame to got game in the snap of a high hat.
Arp Attack scooped our Fast Track to FIB comp, flying out to Benicassim and wowing the sun kissed crowds at the festival with some nifty electro contortions.

An animated rush of sprightly day-glo electronica, guitars and zestful female vocals, Follow The Rhythm sounds and feels utterly alive. Press play and you’ll soon be swept away, hands in the air, musical diamonds falling on your feet and forcing them to dance uncontrollably, we promise you.
Breaking More Waves

8-bit pop-tronica meets surf rock guitar riffs and 80s era synth pads in the debut single from new act Arp Attack — Follow the Rhythm–and although we’re not officially clairvoyant, we’re pretty much positive that AWAL‘s got a smash hit on their hands.
Dance friendly vocals and bubbly notes rise and fall over rock guitar riffs, ever-changing percussion and walls of sound.
“Follow The Rhythm” may very well be the first anthem of summer 2012.
The Get Downnn

Arp Attack create a brooding and atmospheric sound that has you captivated from the start.”

“Frankie displays a wild-child persona which is brilliantly bonkers in a very English way”.
Artrocker shock of the new

“Arp Attack will offer up edgy electro and synths with soul, presided over by super-cool frontwoman Frankie Murdoch.”
T in the Park 2010

“It is ARP ATTACK’s songs that lead the way. It is so easy in this digital age to let the technology define the sound and lead composition, but with the fusion of organic performance and electronic injection, one really gets the feeling that ARP ATTACK could perform these songs armed only with Acoustic guitars and a Glockenspiel and they’d still hold weight which in my humble opinion is what separates a good song from a pleasing sonic. “Follow The Rhythm” is the stand out track tonight and we are told that will be coming out as a single this year: FURIOUS KNIGHTS are there with bells on!!”

“The smouldering vocals and soaring synths of Frankie alongside quick-fingered multi-instrumentalist Chris create this rather interesting intermingling of electronic influences. Both with bags of contrasting eccentricities, they battle it out to be the bigger presence as their melodies fold together into an irresistibly rich sound. Not afraid to use distorted guitars and backed by full drums, they push past simple electronica into the realms of rock.”
BBC Introducing

“Inviting like Friendly Fires, sexy as Metric, distinct as Guillemots, and yet savvier than the average band cause they can generate a unique sound.”
Slow Dive Blog

“Elements of The Postal Service with The Cooper Temple Clause delivered with the kind of rich vocal we would normally associate normally as the exclusive preserve of Rubicks and New Young Pony Club.”
No Fiction

“A fantastically hooky piece of quirky electro pop that never fails to get my head bobbing up and down in a fashion that’s unseemly for a man of my age”
Phil Jackson at BBC South Live

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